A campsite in Quend between Baie de Somme and Baie d’Authie

The Quend region, anchored in the heart of the Baie de Somme, is charmingly diverse. Between majestic dunes, verdant forests and endless sandy beaches, Quend offers the perfect balance of wilderness and gentle tranquility.

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Outdoor activities abound, from sand yachting on the beach to cycling through the picturesque countryside. History buffs can also visit the Château de Quend, a testament to the region’s rich heritage.

Whether you’re looking for adventure or contemplation, the Quend region of the Baie de Somme is a place of unspoilt natural beauty and authentic atmosphere.

Camping Les 2 Plages

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Plage de Fort-Mahon-Plage

kite 1920w


Plage de Quend-Plage

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Bagatelle parc d’attraction

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Arbre & Aventure Quend-Plage

malachi brooks cm3si9ZMG0Y unsplash


Musée Picarvie

1024px Saint Valery Somme musee Picarvie


Asinerie du Marquenterre

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Découvrez les phoques

phoque 1920w


Espace équestre Henson

henson 1920w


Poney club du Marquenterre

chevalplage 1920w


Petit train de la Baie de Somme

train 1920w


Parc du Marquenterre

photo30029 vue densemble au parc du marquenterre
baie 1920w
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Campsite near the Baie de Somme

The Baie de Somme, a natural gem nestled in the Quend region of Hauts-de-France, offers a landscape of exceptional beauty. Its vast stretches of sand, salt marshes and lush green meadows attract nature lovers and birdwatchers from all over the world. Curious seals emerge from the calm waters, adding a magical touch to this natural tableau.

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The picturesque villages along the bay, such as Quend, offer an authentic atmosphere, with their traditional houses and local markets. Visitors can explore this nature reserve on foot, by bike or on horseback, discovering a unique and preserved biodiversity.

Exceptional biodiversity

The Baie de Somme is home to a varied and unique fauna, attracting birdwatchers and nature lovers alike.

Preserved landscapes

Majestic dunes, endless beaches and picturesque villages offer the perfect balance of wilderness and serenity.

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